Tired of Feeling Dissatisfied and Unhappy?


Many of us believe that although we want to do better, have more, feel stronger, be in the perfect relationship, attract abundance, be more connected, etc. we will never have what we want.  We tell ourselves all kinds of things and find evidence in the Universe to substantiate our position and so we continue to manifest more of the same!

Most people want the same thing – enjoy life on a daily basis, feel confident in yourself, know that you can experience flow in all areas of your life.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with these expectations!

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Why isn’t “it” working even though I feel like I am doing everything “right”?
  • What’s wrong with me?   Why is everyone else succeeding but I’m not?
  • How come nothing is working even though I have taken tons of courses, read all the books? 
  • Why is that even though I’ve achieved a measure of success, I still feel empty and worthless?

Sound all too familiar?


There’s a way to change all that!!!!  And it doesn’t have to take forever to do it either!!!

Perhaps your story so far goes like this . . .

Life happens, and roadblocks get thrown in your way.  Before you know it defenses get built up, walls get erected, and energetically as well as physically you find yourself stuck

At some level, though, your soul knows there is a better way to be, and at some level you know there is a better way to be, yet you don’t seem to be able to connect up the dots and take the action steps necessary for positive change to manifest!  And Why is that??

 It seems so simple, doesn’t it? 


Whatever you are unhappy about in your life, or that you have not made the progress you’ve wanted to make, there is a 9/10 probability that you have either conscious or, more likely, subconscious  limiting beliefs holding you back. Though at some point in your life you created these beliefs to help you, today they are no longer useful and are causing you distress, anxiety, stress, and overall lack of serenity!

The key here is usually a combination of becoming consciously aware of and then energetically shifting those limiting beliefs that are keeping you from enjoying the life of your dreams.

What would it feel like if you could just let it all go? 

How would you feel if you could have a “spiritual” cleansing?  Just like you do a “spring clean” of your home, there are ways we can  clean  and clear out those old beliefs that are holding you back!

And at the same time you can also learn to access your higher power as we heal the old wounds that have been keeping you bound to the past? 



I have worked with hundreds of people over the last ten years.  Many of those are now ready to let go of their stories of the past, and sail through to the next phase…and even more importantly, they found this journey easy and effortless.  Want to let go of your story?


Using an array of healing modalities and intuitive gifts, I work with multiple levels of body, mind and spirit and assist you in becoming aware of and, more importantly, releasing  the beliefs and patterns that are preventing you from leading your highest and best life.

I’ve studied, been licensed and/or certified in a wide variety of techniques including Law of Attraction, Mediumship, Personal Development Coaching,  Conscious Channeling, Reiki Master, Medical Intuition and Consciousness Shifting. We will carefully select and use the techniques that are most efficient and effective for you to experience noticeable change as quickly as possible.

Let’s get you shifting now!

The Insightful Sage

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