6 Tips for Connecting with Your Spirit Guides


Spirit guides, meeting and knowing, is an essential part of our spiritual journey. Perhaps we have been on our journey awhile, or new to this walk and want to create a relationship with spirit guides. Access to our guides can be improved with the guidance of a spiritual life coach and  by following these six tips.

Receiving Clear Messages

Everyone receives messages, but the world is noisy and life is chaotic. We sometimes lose the message because we cannot hear clearly, no mater if the message volume is high or low. By learning to clear our channels, we can receive messages that are clear and concise.

True Spirit Messages

Can we separate true messages from ego-based messages? Sometimes, we believe we have received a message, but the message is nothing, but meaningless noise. By learning to separate authentic from ego based, we can feel confidence in the spirit message received as valid or real.

Trusting Spirit Messages

Learning to trust our messages from guides is challenging. Our egos wish us to trust ourselves first, when our guides have our best interests. Imaginary fears can consume us to avoid action. By learning how to decrease or remove fear, we will build confidence to trust the messages received.

Acceptance of Spirit Messages

A spiritual coach can help you learn to unconditionally accept messages and not question, but to understand the reasons before we accept these messages. Sometimes, we must act long before we understand the messages, for meanings are hidden. By learning how to unconditionally accept these messages, we will move forward with the message actions and decisions.

Acting on Spirit Messages

Often, consciously or unconsciously we construct obstacles with our thoughts and reasoning. Although our inner knowledge may be the key to preventing these challenging obstacles, we often go to our minds for answers. By learning how to effectively access our inner knowledge, we can effectively set a course for enacting messages.

Believing in Spirit Messages

Our effective response to messages requires self-love. Do we completely love and accept ourselves? Without love, how can we release our need to know and simply accept and do? Belief in the message and one’s self, requires self-love and an unconditional love for the guides we are given. By learning self-love and expression of this self-love to guides and others, will forge a deep relationship with guides, and allow us to continue onward in our spiritual journeys.


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