3 Easy Steps to Spiritual Goal Setting

Setting spiritual goals is not a difficult task to undertake. So, if setting spiritual goals is not hard, why do so many fail to follow through? Even with the help and guidance of a spiritual coach. That question reminds me of an old saying: “No body plans to fail, but they simply fail to plan.” I don’t know how old that saying is but I have heard it all my life. What a wise, but and very … [Read more...]

Rebirth, Replenish, Renew

Rebirth, Replenish, Renew

Welcome to the first Insightful Sage WISDOM NUGGET!  We all have access to Divine Intelligence, and it has become clear to me that some of this information is designed to be shared and will henceforth be known as WISDOM NUGGETS.  There won't be any set schedule to these little bits and pieces, but I hope you will feel they are a sweet treat when they divinely pop up! TODAY'S WISDOM … [Read more...]

What are you NOT paying attention to?

The law of attraction states, what we focus on the most will manifest itself physically. If I focus my attention to happiness, I will be happy, if I focus my attention to wealth, I will find wealth, if I focus my attention to sadness, I will be sad. It may seem like a strange theory, but observe the people who always think negatively. Bad things always seem to happen to them. Look at the happy … [Read more...]

The Reluctant Psychic

Article in Richmond Confidential Click Here … [Read more...]

Getting Unstuck with a Personal Life Coach

Getting Unstuck with a Personal Life Coach

There are plenty of benefits of having personal life coach. Obviously, a life coach is not a therapist, but someone who can be there for you to guide you out of life's difficult situations and bring you to a place of peace and happiness. It's completely normal to experience hardships in life. Perhaps you're dealing with financial and relationship issues and have tried everything in your power to … [Read more...]

RESCUING:  For or Against?

RESCUING: For or Against?

Are you aware of your patterns of behavior? Some of them are innocuous enough like how you brush your teeth, or the sequence of how you dress and undress. Some of them are a bit more subtle and less obvious. Recently, I was working with one of my clients and one of those less obvious patterns became apparent. Perhaps you will recognize this in yourself or in a friend or loved one. Our needs … [Read more...]

Interview on the 3 Sisters Metaphysical Summit

Interview on the 3 Sisters Metaphysical Summit 7-25-2012PerennaFleming … [Read more...]

Interview with 365 Days in the Life of a Channel

Interview with 365 Days in the Life of a Channel http://365daysinthelifeofachannel.blogspot.com/2012/08/day-216-august-20-2012.html   … [Read more...]