Cost of a Spiritual Life Coach


What if there was a method to finally release the inhibited inner confidence that would allow the best of an individual’s talents to flow through naturally? What would be a fair price to pay for a life coach to enable that freedom of natural ability to flow forth? In a series of activation sessions special steps are taken to achieve this desirable end. Considering what would be infested in the effort the services that would be provided by such a skilled trainer in this area are:

  • Accessing the inner wisdom to bring out fearlessness, self confidence and clear focus
  • Getting to the root of what really matters on the deepest level of fulfillment
  • Cleansing the purging the non productive habits and negative self dialogue and thoughts
  • Tapping into the life force of energy and personal empowerment
  • Finding parity between an individual’s wants and self realization level
  • Opening up the absolute conviction in self expression of natural talents
  • Increasing the potency of attractive qualities in all circles of activity, relationships and endeavors

It is difficult to put a price tag on this kind of commitment on the part of the life coach to the trainee. If any of theses gates can be opened, would that not certainly bring about the success that is most sought after? The quest for goals, whatever they may be, will be augmented and personal empowerment awakened with the assistance of a personal life coach. To allow the game of life to proceed in a hit or miss fashion as many of life’s participants do, is an unfortunate miscalculation. Life’s bounties are won by those who are the best prepared. The best prepared create a competitive edge.

Of course it can be stifling to embrace the thought that each individual is competing for the fulfillment that they desire. Knowing that this is a method to improve an individual’s chances of being the best at what they can do with their life, it just makes perfect sense to hire a life coach to complete the effort in the most advantageous way. It is especially self assuring to have a series of custom prepared sessions custom made for the individual based on their specific issues and life challenges. Paying less than $1000 dollars for a personal life coaching that will result in opening the flood gates of success is more than worth the price.


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