Private Sessions


Accessing your insights occurs in  personal, individual sessions that generally occur by phone or Skype.  We schedule them at a mutually convenient time, and they are recorded so you can  devote your full attention and be really present during our time together without worrying about taking notes.  The recordings also benefit you by giving you the opportunity to listen as often as you desire.

Discovery Session $97

When you come to your personal turning  point, and you know that it’s time to do something different, you  need to get powerful answers quickly. And that’s what this is  all about – your transformational insights that you can use right  away to get clarity, release what’s not working for you and work  with your own energy patterns to get to your next best level as  quickly and easily as possible.

During this session, we can focus on a particular troubling issue or we can see what comes up as we go; either  approach is effective because the energy is ready to shift by  the time you’ve made the decision to work with me.

Here are some of the areas that my  clients generally focus on, and sometimes experience dramatic  shifts in, during your first Discovery Session.

  • Gain clarity about your true  purpose and what you’re really meant to do
  • See where you can live to fulfill  your happiness instead of others’ expectations
  • Let go of ‘pushing’ to make  things happen and attract them in by being in your flow
  • Determine where you’re  over-giving, draining and compromising yourself without knowing
  • Open new energy pathways by  aligning with the energy of your soul
  • Release what’s in the way of  your healthiest life force vitality
  • Experience a breakthrough from  mental processing to spiritual certainty and calm

This introductory session introduces you to this customized energy work  in a powerful way because you’re actually experiencing your own  transformational insights.

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Activation  Series $750

Once you’ve experienced the power of  transformation insights in your Discovery Session, continue your positive, newly uncovered momentum with a five sessions Activation Series.  There is an important reason for following through with your Activation Series: you will be  releasing a significant amount / type of non-supporting energies  initially on any/all issues, and it’s vitally important to support your inner shifts as you make them.

Working together we will identify and release the layers of belief that are preventing you from living your best  life, as well as create new neural pathways for new thought patterns  and, therefore, behaviors. Whatever is blocking you from living the  life of your dreams can not only be discovered but cleared, so that you can consciously and  consistently move toward living your best life. Our work will  focus on opening up your energy so that you can experience your full  potential starting now.

You came into the world with an amazing  talent… a gift that is possessed by no one else in the way that you  have it. When you are expressing your natural gifts, you are in  flow with your universal purpose for being. As a result, your  life just works… opportunities for abundance are naturally  attracted to you, your relationships feel connected and in sync, you  take care of yourself and money is not an issue. And that can all be  revealed during our work together.

Some of what we can focus on during  your Activation Series includes:

  • Accessing your inner wisdom for  more courage, confidence and clarity
  • Understanding your deepest needs  for fulfillment in your career and relationships
  • Releasing what no longer serves  you in thought, habit and internal/external environments
  • Upgrading your life energy sources  for increased personal power
  • Activating the congruency between  who you want to be and who you really are
  • Creating outlets for bold  self-expression of your natural talents
  • Attracting positive conditions,  circumstances, relationships and opportunities

Of course, our  sessions will focus on what’s most beneficial for you in the  moment. The good news is that you get  instant results by shifting to a new state of being in the moment, although you will continue to notice shifts for some  time after our session. And it all happens over the phone while you are in the comfort of your own home!

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Single Session $160

Once you’ve been through an Activation Series, you may find that you have a new facet of an old  challenge, come upon a new ‘growth opportunity’ or discover  something that you didn’t know you needed to handle. All of this is part of the human journey.

That being said, you might just need a  ‘tune-up’ every now and again where a single session will get you back on track, rather than requiring an additional full Activation Series. If that’s the case, the Single Session gives you a way  to connect in, clear what’s blocking you and get the insights  you need to create a new level of change from where you are in  the moment.

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