“I’m a solo entrepreneur facing all the joys and challenges that entails. One of the biggest challenges is dealing with my own “stuff”, especially around being visible. “Who am I to be doing what I’m doing, standing in front of all these people…” etc. Another big one is falling into a state of overwhelm with the eternal “to do” list. “I’m lost and powerless!”

A few months ago when I was having a big melt-down, feeling small and just not up to it anymore, I called on Perenna to help me. She worked with me twice: once in person and once over the phone and got my energy so cleared and re-set that each time I was able to get back into the game with a new sense of power and purpose. Since my last session with Perenna, my business has taken off in a big way, my energy is centered and strong, and I’m sleeping well.

Perenna is one of those people who makes you feel good just by spending time with her, but this is so much more than that. She is a truly gifted and caring healer. She has a pure calling to heal, in fact.
Twice before these business-related crises, I had been in pain from a back injury (chronic) and a shoulder injury (temporary). Perenna perceived the pain and was almost insistent on helping me, which she did.

If you are in pain of any kind, or in need of some kind of clearing or re-setting of your energy, you’re only prolonging your own misery if you don’t call Perenna!”

~ Meryl Shaw

“For years I felt stuck and confused. Though I received relatively helpful support through various healing modalities (e.g. acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, yoga, conventional psychotherapy, cranio-sacral, reiki, chiropractic, naturopathic), none of them were able to get to the root of what was preventing me from really shifting the patterns & beliefs that kept me in a perpetual state of frustration. Then came Perenna, who (At Last!!!) provided an approach to pattern-shift that was effective. Our work together has changed my life in the best possible way. Her guidance has helped reveal and unravel the intricate, complex tangle that is my unconscious. I have come to truly understand and trust myself, and I no longer experience the paralyzing confusion that plagued me for so long. It didn’t happen overnight, but I am so grateful for Perenna’s patience and encouragement along the way. I always felt safe and protected. Perenna is a profoundly gifted intuitive and I treasure our ongoing work together.”

~ Renee, NYC

The very way I found out about Perenna Fleming was magical, so I had very high hopes before our first session. I had worked with many healers and psychics on both the west and east coast, and I had also studied energy reading/healing for four years. I had to work with someone who was sword sharp and could cut to the truth. I got my wish. I absolutely love working with Perenna because we are doing it together. All the wisdom that rises to the surface feels completely authentic and extremely valuable. She is warm and compassionate, yet strong and bold when she is guiding me into deep insights resulting in nothing less than paradigm shifts. Simply put, I was having a major health issue, we dove deep in to the causes of the issue, and now, I am no longer having that issue. I look forward to more work with Perenna, as I believe she can help me with any transformation I wish to make. She is a complete pleasure and treasure.

~ Irene Young

I didn’t really understand how Perenna was going to help me reach my goal or what her methods were but within 20 minutes of talking on the phone with her, I was in tears over something that happened many years ago. Within 90 minutes, she had shifted my whole attitude and within the year, I met my goal!! I’m a believer now!

~ Joanne Gabellini

Thank you Perenna for helping me transform my life! I was in a job that was stressful, exhausting & regularly had me in tears. You helped me believe I could change that & remove the barriers holding me back – now I’m in a job I enjoy with a positive atmosphere that supports me. I’m no longer exhausted at the end of the day. I have the time & energy to work on other areas of my life. Best of all it took very little effort from me – I only applied for one job & got it! point”

~ JC Willis, England


” I have no doubt in my mind that every single person could benefit from spending an hour ( or a lifetime ) working with Perenna. I began seeing her to assist in my personal life and professional career, but she has morphed into my rock and foundation for any stressors or path-changing decisions that life stands to throw my way. The resonating clarity of her work is inarguable and I find myself replaying exercises long after seeing her, in an attempt to be a more balanced force day to day. The level of follow-up, caring, and attention to all aspects is remarkable, and she always has a knack for making me feel as if I am truly her number one priority. She has given me insight and tools that have changed my life forever, and I am a better person for the work we do. “

~Danielle Leeke, San Francisco


Perenna saved my life…  In a way in which I have not yet been able to fathom, she imbued me with the life force which not only took away my fatigue, but gave me the confidence to  do what I had come to do. If I could find any stronger words to encourage you to reach out to her when you have an important question or problem, I would but I don’t know how.”

~Nina Ferrell, spiritual teacher, guide and motivational writer


Ever wish you had your very own Fairy Godmother, embodied Guardian Angel and Wise Woman Psychic on speed dial? Call Perenna Fleming. Perenna is the real deal, unerringly psychic, smart and spot on. She is, basically, a whole lot of help in one person. Able to shift old energy and ways of being in a single session, I cannot recommend Perenna enough. Call her. Yup, right now.

~Patricia Borgula, Oakland, CA.


“Perenna is a life saver in more ways than one.With Perenna’s help I am now married to the love of my life!  She was absolutely instrumental in my ability to pass the California State Bar Exam on the first try. I survived three days of testing in a calm state that allowed my creativity to flow.  I am now a happily married woman and a successful practicing attorney, and I could not have done it without Perenna. Her intuition is frighteningly accurate, and she always knows just what you need to hear. I cannot recommend her enough!  Thank you, Perenna, for everything!”

~Jenn French, Esq.


“Again I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to help me with what has been holding me back. You have done more for me in this one session with you then any of the books or audio tape programs I have purchased in the past. That’s not to say they don’t work. Each has great techniques and steps to get you where you want to be. But if you have blocks from the past of not being good enough to deserve the prize you will never attain it. It was only through Perenna’s guidance that I was able to overcome my obstacles and see what a difference a shifting of the energies can be. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

~Dr Ron Sakamoto ~ www.retirewithronald.com


“Integrity, grace, truth, connection to Source, dynamic healing, powerful compassion and neutrality with the capacity to channel clean, pure and spot-on transformation of the negative into the positive, the dis-eased into health. One seeks to find some of these qualities and abilities in an energetic/intuitive/spiritual healer, but rarely do they coalesce so radiantly into one individual…. Perenna is a master healer. She guided, grounded, inspired and healed me through a most difficult, threatening and overwhelming period in my life… I am eternally grateful for the actual physical healing and the spiritual wisdom she gifted me while raising my vibration and thus increasing my own capacity for strength and focused energy. Through her powerful presence, willingness, and generosity of spirit and heart, I am led onto the path of wholeness.”

~M.E. Fuller, Winchester, VA


“Perenna, you really have a gift, a gift that cleanses the mind, body and soul.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. The breakthroughs we have made regarding my relationships in my personal life have put me in a wonderful place physically, mentally and emotionally. I also want to thank you for the cleansing session regarding my professional life it was awesome. You allowed me to see that the sky is the limit.

My life is better because of you.”

~U. Boudreaux


“I met Perenna at a workshop in Austin, Texas given by Dr. Joe Vitale, where she was a presenter. It was just eight days after losing my stepmother of 26 years.

…in the first 15 minutes I was already feeling better. I could feel my consciousness shifting and I began releasing old ideas, thoughts and beliefs.Within one hour I felt completely different as Perenna helped shift my belief system around grief so that I did not feel the need to suffer.

Now I am able to focus on the happy memories. This is miracle work.”

~Wendy – Licensed and Certified Strategic Attraction Coach and Ergonomist,

Houston, Texas


“I am a nuts and bolts sort of guy, but am always open to new ways of learning about me. Perenna blew me away. She defines what being intuitive means. Together we surfaced some of my not-so-good habits and opened up new possibilities for growth, freedom and joy. Fantastic!”

~ Robin, CEO – Emeryville, Ca


“I constantly felt like I was spinning my wheels. Always letting tasks wait until the last minute before I completed them. After one session with Perenna, I immediately saw results. The following Monday I signed up to take the LSAT. Something I had put off for three years!”

~ Marshall – Legal Assistant, Sacramento, CA


“Thank you so much for sharing yourself with me over the weekend. I have to say it was probably one of the most remarkable weekends I have experienced. I am looking forward to manifesting the life I want. I look forward to when we meet again. Best Wishes and in Gratitude”

Sunny, London, England


“Had it not been for the coaching that you have given my husband, he would not be where he is today, on the road to recovery. The drug use, the complete lack of trust and the relentless lies and half-truths had become the norm. Our family was near collapse.

After he made the decision to start working with you, I knew he was safe and that he would at last be able to get help and start tackling the demons that dominated his life. Thankfully, within a couple of weeks you began to work your wonders.

The road has been much smoother than I ever imagined it would be and I (we) will always be grateful to you. You have given him the tools to start re-building a clean, sober and productive life. You have helped him find the “self” that had been buried under low self esteem and reckless behavior. You gave us the hope to build a new future for our family.

For all of this we thank you more than you can ever know! Keep up the wonderful work!!!”

With best wishes, A grateful family


“I’ve always been a worrier; trying to control every aspect of my life and then worry whether something could have been better. Perenna has helped me to relax and enjoy who I am. Ironically, I’ve reached my aspirations thanks to this positive attitude – and enjoyed the process.”

Victoria – Energy Consultant, Sacramento, CA


  “Initially, when I first started with Perenna I was going through withdrawals from heroin and cocaine. The withdrawal symptoms were such that I had a hard time even getting around, thinking clearly and was craving like crazy.

 I trusted her (which is pretty uncommon for an addict fresh from the streets). The end result was that within hours, my withdrawal symptoms began to subside and thus the cravings became much more manageable. I directly contribute her work to my early success in abstaining from relapse.

Ongoing, Perenna has been great! She has worked on a variety of issues and underlying beliefs that I in many cases was not even aware were there. The end result, 11 months later is that my life is really taking off. My family is back together, work is good, and I am happy. I haven’t been able to say that in a long time and it brings a smile to my face to be able to say that now.

Perenna has also recently shifted and somehow reversed the damage that the drug use did to my physical health. I needed less than half the medication that I used to, and my body is much more sensitive to foreign chemicals. I feel physically better than I have in years.

~ John – ex-addict, Southern California


“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Where do I start? From the consistent breakthroughs we’ve been making, to the latest session we had, I am so much calmer, more certain about my personal and professional future. Now that we’ve torn down the wall that has been blocking me, let’s see how high we can soar!”

Shauna, Software Development Consultant, Florida


“During my work with Perenna, I have experienced better balance, decreased anxiety and clearer focus.  The work she has done with me psychologically and emotionally has been transformational.

I recently had a bad fall that resulted in significant trauma to my face, my nose was so swollen that I could only breathe if I had ice on my face to keep the swelling down.  Both of my eyes were swollen nearly shut and black from brow to far below my eyes.  I had over 20 stitches in my nose and lip.  The plastic surgeon thought I may need a skin graft because of the skin I lost off the bridge and side of my nose.

Perenna provided healing from her home.  I felt the swelling in my nose go down.  Within 10 to 15 minutes, I was breathing without the ice packs on my face.

The next day she came in person and placed her hands over my face and I could feel the heat working on my wounds and swelling.  As she removed her hands, the black below my right eye started to recede – VISIBLY.  For several days, we could watch the black under one eye, then the other, recede.  Each day, several hours after her visits, I could see the wounds on my face improve and the swelling around my nose and jaws decrease.

When I went for my follow up visit with my doctor, he was amazed at the healing that had taken place.  There was no need for the skin graft that we thought might be necessary.  I was looking much better than he expected.

3 months have passed.  It is miraculous how a body can heal. My scars are barely visible and  I will not need any addition plastic surgery.  I cannot express the extent of  my gratitude for the healing Perenna provided.


“If you are sick and tired of your self-limiting beliefs, you must contact Perenna. I cannot speak highly enough of her gifts, skills and intuitive wisdom.”

~ Stephanie Rainbow Bell, Intuitive Consultant
Creator of “Rewrite Your Life Now™”


“Just want to say thank you for all you’ve done. I’m seeing myself in a whole new light because of you. I pray that God continues to use you in this positive way.”

~ Sherrita Wiley, San Diego


“Perenna helped me deal with my abusive and drug years, made me see who I am in a different light, built up my self-esteem, made me see what was not my fault, brought up some fears, shame, guilt and helped me to get rid of them. These sessions have helped me so much, and I never want to stop.”

~ Marilyn, ex-addict, Oakland. California


“I have never met a more committed coach! THE RESULTS ARE FAST! She assisted me in letting habits of thought go that had been sabotaging me for years.”

~ Jeanna Gabellini, “The Extreme Abundance Coach”


“I loved, loved, love this method. More than anything I have ever done. I don’t even know how to say thank you so much for really transforming my thoughts and having me wake up every morning feeling such great vibration.”

~ Carol Skinner


“Thank you so much for the fabulous session today – I feel better already! I will keep in touch re: continued progress and plans. You have a real gift!”

~ Laura A. Davis, Master Certified Coach, MBA


“I have worked with Perenna now for nearly three years and I love the coaching arrangement we have… there have been times when weekly sessions were the norm and now I come breezing in a few times a year for a one on one session or a class. I love how empowering it is to work with her! She helps me look at my train of thought and make a decision whether I want to think that way or not. She is spot-on in her read of my situation every time and I always leave our sessions refreshed and feeling lighter. Besides, her accent knocks me out…rather Harry Potterish and all. Actually, Harry can’t hold a wand to Perenna.

She is one of a kind!”

~ Catherine Behan – http://TakeTheSoulMateQuiz.com


“You are ‘way up there’ in my thank goodness we met category as you saved my life at that point”

~ David W, Scotland