The Different Types of Life Coaching


Life coaching is advice from a personal source regarding the decisions a person must make and stick to in order to improve some form of their current and future decisions. There are several areas of life coaching to choose from. Each one is important as long as a person stays flexible and a coach continues to monitor the person being coached. If problems arise, positive changes can be adjusted in order to handle the situation and continue with long term plans.

1. Life Coaching for short term changes

Hiring the right life coach for short term changes is a great way to begin a journey of change to assure the future. This type of life coach needs all current records and bills, job information, income information and what a person would like to accomplish. This information provides insight on how to handle future decision for fast, short term results.

Using the information a coach can set up a living budget, help clear bills, clean up a credit record and suggest the lifestyle changes that must be made so the client will not become overwhelmed with problems. Changes range from changing entertainment interest, study of current information regarding the job market, money investment and breaking bad habits such as spending too much, staying out too late and finding different types of friends.

2. Education Life Coach

An education coach helps a client discover career dreams and how to reach that goal. By providing a goal each day for the client to research and find information. Information can be cost of college courses, job market research, grants and scholarships available for different career choices and how to apply for them. The Educational Life Coach will lay out step by step guides on how to reach an educational level needed to fulfill a dream of a degree or career.

Since education is so important for anyone living today as an adult, all sources have to be considered. From local Jr. colleges, trade schools and universities. The coach will help decide the best way to reach a goal with daily steps and decisions for new and used books or equipment, transportation and family life requirements.

3. Career Life Coach

This is usually a mid life change, career change and even a life style change and survival of a disaster. Everything from changing careers and lifestyle to learning to live after the death of a spouse or child. Sometimes changes in health happen and a career change must take place or living conditions must decrease in order to survive.

This is a hard change and for many, a life coach can provide a platform for change with lifestyle concerning material items, financial living changes, changing to a new location and starting a completely different career to learning to live with health issues. A life change coach will remind you to stay on course when you want to give up or to fulfill an appointment or finish a class important to the future.

4.  Spiritual Life Coach

A spiritual life coach can help guide an individual spiritually through their many life stages.  Many have turned to priest, clergy, pastors, deacons etc. in the past.  However, a spiritual life coach is not concerned with traditional “religion” per-se, but rather with the core spiritual growth of the individual.

Spiritual life coaching can take many forms and many focuses.  It all depends on what the individual is trying to achieve and change in their lives and how they wish to approach it, how the core of the guidance is focused on spiritual growth and faith in self and a higher power.

Each one is important and deciding which is best for a client is easy with a one time free visit. One consultation with a coach can provide a great focus on the future and decisions that must be made to improve life.


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