What Exactly Does a Spiritual Life Coach Do?


When there are only voices in the mind that seem to hold emotions in focus that hinder and halt forward thinking and decisiveness, the best efforts to accomplish a goal can be completely stifled. That is the time when help is needed. What is the best help to ask for? Would it be a psychiatrist and a round of couch sessions in psychotherapy? Perhaps if there are dark buried feelings of shame and neurotic seeds to uncover that would be the right choice. Then of course there is the “I’m ok, you’re ok,” method with the psychologist of choice that could be considered.

What about a spiritual life coach? Now doesn’t that have a positive and healthy ring to it for starters? A spiritual life coach is someone who will take your life as seriously as if it was their own and stand by you as if you were their son or daughter or beloved. Not only that, they will support and guide you with healing words and warmth. Even when difficult subconscious haunting memories buried deep within come welling up and it seems as though there is no hope, the personal life coach is someone that can help to promote tranquility and hope where only darkness seemed to exist.

What could it be like to have this kind of help? U. Boudreaux describes the help of Perenna Fleming, a bonafide spiritual life coach, as a gift that cleanses the mind, body and soul. He said that the breakthroughs achieved from her coaching of him improved his personal relationships, physically, mentally and emotionally. To make whole, what was once fragmented also made his perspective on his professional life unlimitedly successful.

Another recipient of the spiritual life coaching was attorney, Jenn French, who gives full credit to the support she received from her life coach Perenna Fleming. The insecurity and fear of failure was so high just before she took her bar exam. Not only was she anxious about a negative outcome for passing a very difficult and significantly life changing test but she also needed a passing grade to get the job she was offered upon passing. Jenn said that if it wasn’t for Perenna Fleming’s daily coaching for the two months of study leading up to exam day she would not have been calm, grounded and confident in herself as she was for the exam that she did pass.


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